Penis enlargement: surgical and injection methods

penis enlargement surgery

Sometimes a few centimeters are not enough for a full sex life! Today, plastic surgery has the safest and most effective methods for correcting the male genitalia. Experienced doctors of the clinic will help you and your partner achieve the right result - length, thickness and shape.

Why surgery is recommended in a modern clinic:

  • The clinic employs leading specialists in this field who are experienced in advanced surgical and injection methods of male intimate plastic surgery.
  • The clinic has a modern operating room equipped with all the necessary equipment
  • Depending on the patient's health, he can leave the clinic on the day of the operation or stay in the hospital for a day
  • The most comfortable conditions of stay after the procedure have been created for our patients - ward, constant medical supervision, healthy nutrition
  • In our clinic, after the operation, the intradermal suture is made using the cosmetic suture technology, which does not require the removal of threads and remains invisible.
  • In addition, in the clinic, you can buy an expander that will improve performance after surgery. Your doctor will help you choose the right one.
  • Since the vessels responsible for erection are affected during the operation, increasing the length of the penis through surgery and then wearing an expander does not cause a violation of potency and reproductive function in a man.
  • Rehabilitation is no more than 2-3 weeks

Correction methods

In addition to surgical methods of penis enlargement, there are also non-surgical methods: correction of the thickness of the penis and head using hyaluronic acid and natural oils - lipofilling.



One of the most common methods used to enlarge the penis is ligamentotomy. The essence of this operation is to increase the penile part of the penis by reducing the perineal (hidden) part. This is achieved by bypassing part of the penile ligament that holds it in the perineal region. Of course, in this case, the penis itself does not change in size, but there is a redistribution of length towards an increase in the hanging part. This plastic surgery allows you to increase the length of the penile part by 2-6 cm. This operation is performed under general anesthesia, but the patient can leave the clinic the same day.

Ligamentotomy can be performed by two approaches: suprapubic and scrotal. Often our doctors use the suprapubic approach because it is more physiological.

Post-operative, low-traumatic suture heals fairly quickly due to good blood supply to the groin and becomes practically invisible after 2-3 weeks.

Wearing an extender after surgery

By freeing the interior of the corpus cavernosum of the penis, the ligamentotomy creates the additional potential to increase the length of the penis using an extender. Regular wearing of the expander after the operation leads to physiological growth of the membranes and tissues of the penis. In addition, the expander helps to strengthen the result achieved by surgical intervention and prevents the formation of adhesions in the early postoperative period, so it is recommended to wear it for 3-4 months after the penis enlargement operation.

The extender should be worn for 2 to 6 months. It is impossible to predict the result with an accuracy of one centimeter, because the pattern and degree of stretching of tissues is different for everyone, in addition, the patient's age and individual anatomical characteristics are important, but in any case, the expander significantly improves the effect after ligamentotomy, and doctors recommend its use after surgery.


Non-surgical penis enlargement is performed under local anesthesia. One of the obvious advantages of the technique is fast recovery. The only restriction will be to refrain from sexual activity for a week after the procedure; After this period, the patient returns to normal activities.

Intimate contour with fillers

For intimate plastic surgery of the penis, specialists use viscoelastic gels (fillers) based on hyaluronic acid. The drug is easy to administer, well distributed in tissues, effectively compensates for volume, gives long-term results (up to 8-12 months) and practically eliminates the possibility of developing allergic reactions.

The use of this technology allows you to increase the size of the penis, as well as increase the length to 1 cm.

Sometimes, according to the instructions, hyaluronic acid is injected into the mucous membrane of the head due to premature ejaculation. But this is not a direct method to eliminate the problem - circumcision is more appropriate in this case.


Lipofilling refers to the transplantation (transplantation) of the patient's own fat tissue to give the desired contours to the problem area.

Complex method: fillers + lipofilling

When the two techniques are combined, the length of the penis can increase up to 4 cm and significantly increase the volume.

Rejuvenation using enriched plasma lifting

Platelet-rich plasma of the patient is used for plasmolifting. This is done to increase the effectiveness and safety of the procedure. The injection procedure lasts about 15 minutes.

Plasmolifting gives a short-term (no more than a month) effect - the penis increases in size and the characteristics of sexual life improve. However, it is important to understand that plasma enrichment only serves as a stimulus for your body, as if it reminds you how much collagen it should produce. For long-term effects, a full course of four to five sessions may be required, as a rule.

The method is absolutely safe, non-traumatic and aesthetic.