Penis enlargement surgery: does it really work?

There are two main types of surgery that help increase the size of the penis: one to increase the length and the other to increase the width. Although these operations can be used by anyone, they are not recommended only because they are perceived as enhancing the body aesthetically.

Moreover, this type of surgery usually does not give the expected result and may even cause serious complications such as penile deformation, scarring or infection.

Therefore, the need for penis enlargement surgery should always be discussed with a urologist to understand the benefits and risks in each case.

Operation to increase width

Penis enlargement surgery

The operation to increase the width of the penis can be done in two ways:

  • Fat injection: liposuction is performed on another part of the body, such as the sides, abdomen or legs, and then some of this fat is injected into the penis to increase volume;
  • Mesh placement: An artificial and biodegradable mesh with cells is placed under the skin and around the shaft of the penis to provide more volume.

Depending on the type of operation and in each specific case, the diameter of the penis may increase from 1. 4 cm to 4 cm.

In any case, there is a high risk: fat injection can cause deformation of the penis, and with mesh placement, the development of infection, for example, is more likely.

Length increment operation

When the goal is to increase penis size, surgery is usually recommended to cut the ligament connecting the penis to the pubic bone and make the penis lower and appear larger.

Although this operation can increase the size of an unflinching penis by about 2 cm, this is often not noticeable when the organ is in an erect position. In addition, due to the cutting of the ligament, many men report a decrease in the height of the penis during erection, which can make intimacy difficult.

How is recovery going?

Recovery from penile enlargement surgery is relatively quick and it may be possible to return to work within 1 week of the procedure.

In most cases, you can go home the next day after the operation, it is only recommended to rest at home until the stitches are removed and follow some recommendations, including taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by your doctor, and always keep your penis dry and clean.

Sexual intercourse should only be resumed after 6 weeks or as directed by your doctor, and more intense exercise such as jogging or going to the gym should only be started after 3-6 months.

Other Penis Enlargement Options

Other solutions available for penis enlargement use pills or vacuum pumps, which increase the amount of blood in the genitals and therefore can make the penis feel bigger.

In addition, when you are overweight, the penis may be covered with fat, and therefore the urologist may also recommend liposuction of the intimate area, which removes excess fat and, for example, opens the shaft of the penis better.