Can a teen grow a penis at home?

The teen measures his cock before growing up

Adolescents are most concerned about the very small size of the penis during adolescence. The practice comes amid the fact that many students have extremely small penises. Uneducated boys immediately go online, looking for information about genital augmentation at home, but unfortunately, instead of gaining centimeters, they either do not get anything, or have difficulty growing, premature impotence, and so on. . . The problem is that experts on the Internet offer advice on the penis. the presence of dangerous and unsafe methods of expansion.

It is strictly forbidden to try to influence the growth of the genitals of adolescents in any way. If your parents have not explained the principles of penis enlargement, we will explain. Today's article is dedicated to the current problem of penis enlargement in modern adolescents at home. Let's talk about the physiology of penis enlargement, whether it is possible to enlarge an organ, why it can be dangerous at the age of 10-18, what consequences it will lead to, and many other cognitive things. Enjoy reading!

How old is the penis?

Guys, if you are worried about a small penis, let's first understand the physiology of penis enlargement. If you have a small size during adolescence, it is foolish to worry. Your body is still growing, it is affected by many factors and nuances. Changes in organ size occur individually in each young person. I'm not saying you're all the same and you should all be the same size.

Understand that you can live with a small penis until the age of 17, and at the age of 18-20 you can show your peers a big cock by becoming a sex giant.

Attention: the principle of growth is based on your genetics. If your father has a great dignity, then you are 80% likely to inherit his genes by getting a large penis.

Now I will talk in detail about the growth of the genitals in adolescence from 10 to 18 years. We read and remember.

You are 10 years old. Sometimes sexual development can occur less often than the generally accepted norm, for example, at the age of 10 years. You already attract girls, love sexual topics, and maybe secretly watch erotica from their parents. And of course, you can be excited about the size of your cat.

At the age of 10, everything starts anew. The size of your cat is now about 3-4 cm at rest and 7 cm in the upright position. And that's fine, you don't have to worry.

Significant growth is not expected at the age of 11-12. At your age, you have not yet reached puberty or are in the early stages of development. At the age of 11-12 years, the size of the penis is considered normal, if the approximate length is 4-5 cm at rest, 7-9 cm at high altitude. It's normal, everything is fine, no need to worry.

It is interesting to know: how to understand when puberty begins? The voice becomes rougher, hair grows on the armpits and groin, and hateful pimples appear.

At the age of 13, most boys reach puberty. At this age, the penis begins its first growth steps. Currently, the cat can be about 5-5, 5 cm at rest, and 10-13 at high altitude. Now you will add 1 cm in length every year, but growth depends mainly on the individual characteristics of the body.

The age of 14-15 is the golden mean for the growth of the genitals and the development of the reproductive system. In these years, the length of your penis can be 4-8 cm at rest, 9-16 cm at high altitude. At this age, boys are most concerned about the length of the genitals. Don't worry if someone laughs at your cat in the school locker room. We will grow up, and then we will see who will have the last laugh.

Young people aged 16-17 are still developing rapidly. Many intelligent people claim that a teenager is already formed at this age, but this is not the case. Sexual development can be actively formed by the age of 25, and this is considered the norm.

Urologist's opinion: At the age of 16-17, the ideal norm for the size of the genitals is 5-6 cm in peace, and 10-12 cm in activity. More is better. Less - it's too early to talk about pathology, we are waiting for maturity.

Congratulations on coming of age. You are 18 years old. For many boys at this age, puberty ends and the size does not change. The point is, it ends. How many centimeters? Each case is individual. Now your penis may even shrink, but it will increase in diameter and thicken.

If the penis is less than 8 cm in 18 years and older, you should consult a specialist, but sometimes the growth, as I said above, lasts until the age of 25.

It is important to be honest with your parents. If you feel you have some problems, tell your family. And together you can answer the questions of an expert. The fact is that you are now prone to premature results. "Look, I have a small cock, my whole life is upside down, there is no sex, life is bad. " First of all, you need to calm down and fully understand the situation with your parents and doctor. No need to be ashamed!

How to enlarge the penis for a teenager at home

According to statistics, 60% of boys aged 13-17 have suffocated at least once in the process of enlarging their genitals at home.

Kids, remember, never try to force your cat to grow up.

During adolescence, you react most sharply to many questions about intimate nuances. Of course, everyone wants to show off in the locker room, in the shower with a big penis, but believe me, asserting yourself among others is not the main thing in life.

When I was stupid and young, I didn't have open access to the Internet, so I'm very happy. Everything is more complicated with you: there is a lot of information on the Internet, but you do not know how to filter and choose the best. Thus, harmful attempts to enlarge the penis in dangerous ways. I beg you, do not harm your health, do not watch videos of other idiots who advise you to increase your penis for 2 weeks.

They will not help you:

  • Creams, gels, lubricants (sensitivity will deteriorate, growth will slow down)
  • Extras (high risk of injury)
  • Expanders (you won't get the right size, but if you can pick a home-made product, you run the risk of stretching your gardens and becoming powerless in the future)
  • Pills (bad for the whole body. Do not enlarge the penis and do not take a number of side effects)
  • Weight agents (risk of physical strain, risk of impotence, uselessness)

And everything, everything, everything related to the independent intervention in the growth of the penis. Nothing better will come of it, only harm.

No chance, you ask? So, I'm going to tell you a few secret ways on how to grow a teen's genitals at home.

If you really want to influence growth, lead a healthy lifestyle. No smoking in the yard, forget about alcohol and other bad things. Now everything in your body is the most sensitive. You have to take care of yourself.

Alcohol, smoking, drugs and any other bad things slow down the production of hormones, disrupt blood circulation and, of course, affect the growth of the penis.

Are you going to drink with friends? Remember that this will affect the growth of the penis. Healthy boys always develop quickly and properly.

So let's draw a line:

  1. Do not try to enlarge the penis in questionable ways.
  2. All the advice on penis enlargement at home on the Internet is shameless scammers.
  3. Attempts to increase something can lead to many complications of the reproductive system.
  4. Drive a healthy lifestyle and everything will be a bunch.

How to enlarge your penis at the age of 12

Adolescents who are interested in genital growth at the age of 12 are children who have been negatively affected by others. For many, this desire comes from the ridicule of their peers. They laugh at the boys, so they are worried. Another point is the connection to the Internet. There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to enlarge the genitals, but few people understand that it is useless and deceptive.

At the age of 12, you should never try to increase the size of your penis. This is extremely dangerous for your health, children.

There is no need to increase anything, because by the age of 18-25 everything will grow naturally.

I encourage you to share your experience with your parents. They will do their best to help dates in this situation.

You may need to see a doctor. People in white coats will tell you how development takes place and why you can't influence it by improvisation.

If you really want to enlarge your penis, I will tell you one of the safest and most effective methods.

So what to do if you want to enlarge your penis at the age of 12? A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are the key to proper penis development and natural growth.

do you smokeThrow away these bad things. 12 does not contain alcohol, it is strictly forbidden!

Proper nutrition: a lot of vitamins, fruits, nuts, meat - all this affects not only the growth of the penis, but also the formation of the body as a whole.

I agree, I want to buy chips, crackers, Coca-Cola and other sweets. But if you listen to your mother now, eat oatmeal in the morning, soup, fiber, vegetables for lunch, and vegetable protein, milk and meat for dinner, it will play a big role in the future.

If you eat properly at a young age, you will be a healthy, strong, big penis man.

And if you choose the path of harmful products and smoking, you will face many health problems.

And of course, tell your parents about your experiences. Your closest people will help in any way. You will go to the doctor, the doctor will explain your condition, how your body has grown and why you should not worry.

How to increase the size of a man at the age of 13

Two months ago we gathered for a party in a narrow family circle. I went to the kitchen and suddenly my 13-year-old nephew ran towards me: "Uncle Rome, don't tell my mother, I have problems, help me. "

In short, my nephew's peers annoyed his little urine. As a result, the boy became depressed, anxious, nervous, and bought a penis enlargement gel on the Internet! Come at 13, Carl! I was shocked!

The whole family knows that I am a certified psychologist, sexologist and write many articles on intimate topics. The boy decided to tell me everything.

Why am I doing this? Teenagers as young as 13 and really tend to cut their shoulders. You should never self-medicate, you should not take suspicious gels, creams and other harmful drugs.

For a 13-year-old, the best way to enlarge his penis is to start exercising. I have advised my nephew, and I advise you. Register in the martial arts section, you can try yourself in power sports: weightlifting.

How will exercise help increase penis size? Exercise increases testosterone production, which will accelerate puberty. The more exercise there is in life, the more masculine a teenager is, which means that the penis grows faster and faster.

I repeat: never listen to falsely intelligent people on the Internet who advise you to enlarge your genitals with the help of any device. This is a lie!

How to raise a person at the age of 18

You are 18 years old. Young, hot and finally you can decide for yourself. At the age of 18, the size of the penis may still not be large enough, and this is not a pathology. Organ growth can last up to 25 years.

However, many believe that penis growth stops at the age of 18. You may have a small to medium penis size due to genetics and other individual characteristics. And what, run for devices to increase immediately? Measurement is not the most important thing in life.

However, some children believe that it is necessary to increase immediately and quickly. And this is a major mistake! The danger is that excessive interference with natural growth can aggravate the condition, cause side effects in the form of premature impotence, weaken the erection, and so on.

First of all, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits, if they are in your life, follow a proper diet, exercise. How will this help? A teenager's healthy body is equipped with everything necessary for growth. First, in line with all of the above, we improve the blood supply to the penis, which means it will be larger in size.

products and exercises for penis enlargement for teen

Second, a healthy lifestyle has a complete effect on the body's functionality. This means that the potential to function normally will not affect the reduction of the genitals in the future.

How to enlarge the penis at the age of 18? I do not recommend filling the newly formed body with pills, penis creams and ointments. Similar products have many side effects, complications, and the young body is useless.

I do not recommend buying artificial magnifiers: pumps, expanders, weights and other devices. Instead of increasing the risk and aggravating the situation, give yourself impotence.

I'm not saying that magnifiers don't work. They are effective, but they are not safe, especially for a young man.

The only thing that will help an 18-year-old boy is reasonable jelqing exercises. Now this is the most adequate and economical way to affect the growth of the penis.

Jelging is an ancient exercise aimed at enlarging the penis by physically extending it with your hands.

How to do jelqing training? Bring yourself to the middle erection, close the penis in the ring with two fingers, press it under the body, hold the ring from the beginning of the penis to the head.

Implemented in several approaches. First you need to limit yourself to 20 reps of 3 sets. You can increase the load every day.

Jelqing works on the principle of stretching the muscles and ligaments of the penis, the effect is permanent, the result is long lasting. The first changes will be noticeable in six months. I recommend training every day, a little later, twice a week.

With a consistent and diligent approach, you can achieve a 2-4 cm increase in the size of the genitals. Never overload, if it hurts, stop and relax.

In general, jelqing is a great way to influence penis growth yourself, but be careful, you are still very young.

At your age, you should enjoy life, enjoy your first love, and gain experience in relationships with girls. Excessive addiction to penis enlargement methods can lead to terrible consequences that will leave an oily stain on your sex life in the future. It's not worth it.

When is the operation guaranteed?

Surgical penis enlargement is a radical, fast, but very expensive method.

As a rule, the price tag for any intimate transaction starts high. Not every adult boy can afford it. And not everyone needs it.

If the size of the penis does not correspond to the minimum parameters, so to speak, the micropenis, surgery is required. In this case, after long and thorough consultations, tests and everything, a ligamentotomy may be needed - surgery to enlarge the penis.

adolescent penis enlargement surgery

The organ can be enlarged by 1-3 cm, but it cannot be operated on just to satisfy its desire. At the age of 18, you should think about your future profession, make plans for the future and not worry about the size of your penis.

Even if the length of the penis is not up to the norm, even at the age of 25, the operation can be justified if it causes discomfort and low self-esteem.

Although they have the right to guide the fate of an adult boy, not every specialist risks such operations with a young man. Serious reasons are needed, and one request will not suffice.

In general, 80% of young girls are not worried about the size of their boyfriend's penis. There are other values in youth, and sooner or later you will realize it.